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Subject: draft.mode default to no?

The stylesheet parameter draft.mode's default value has been set to 'maybe' for quite 
awhile.  That kind of worked, because the url for the draft.watermark.image was a URL. 
Users requested that it not be a URL, because it created problems for offline people, 
and delayed processing to fetch it over the internet.  It required either changing the 
value or using a catalog to redirect the URL to a local location.

In version 1.76.0, we changed the draft.watermark.image to a local value like other 
docbook images.  However, when FOP creates the draft page-masters, it tries (and 
generally fails)  to load that image, even if the draft page-masters are not used.  I 
don't think that is correct behavior, as it should  only try to open that image if it 
is going to be used.

So I'm asking the mailing list if we should change the default value of the draft.mode 
param to 'no', so that the draft page-masters are not even used.  Personally, I think 
setting it to 'no' by default is a good thing.  If you want to use draft pages, then 
set the url to the watermark image and turn on the feature.

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises

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