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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] draft.mode default to no?

I understand Larry's concern. However, this scenario provides for a "broken" FOP system right out of the box, which is a concern of mine. Yes, we can provide a customization that shuts this off, but if we are eventually going to set it to "no" why not just have the default "no" and set the "maybe" in our customization?
Setting DRAFT mode should be a deliberate action anyway (IMHO) because it requires a deliberate action to change it for production.
One issue that I have seen is that the draft image doesn't get found in 1.76.0 even if the image exists. It is a similar issue to the callouts and the admonitions, which have their own path that can be set. Draft images don't have that (at least out of the box) so they are set to "images/draft.png" or something like that and you must know the path and attach it to the filename. Why not have a draft.image.path variable that is set to the normal Docbook images path in the stylesheets and then be able to change the path to your new whizbang "draft" image? Maybe this is all still redundant since you can specify all of that in the filename?
Dean Nelson
In a message dated 09/20/10 09:30:51 Pacific Daylight Time, larry.rowland@hp.com writes:

I believe it was set to maybe so that the status attribute on things like chapters and sections can be used to indicate that part of a document is draft (in documents that may take months to complete, being able to indicate that part of a document is draft is important, since significant portions of the document may have already been reviewed and no longer be in draft status).


We leave the draft mode set to maybe until we get to the final production pass and then turn it off.  It does mean you have to have the draft watermark image in place, but we have been doing that since our production systems are inside a firewall and generally do not have proxies enabled.  We have to download to a workstation and then transfer files to the production system. 


I would favor leaving draft.mode as is and providing clear instructions on how to set up the system so that draft works correctly.





From: Joy Andree [mailto:joy.andree@ansys.com]
Sent: Monday, September 20, 2010 5:28 AM
To: ron@catterall.net
Cc: Bob Stayton; docbook-apps@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] draft.mode default to no?


In my customization layer I set the draft mode to yes by default and only when a final build is run do I turn draft off. 

On Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 7:18 AM, Ron Catterall <ron@catterall.net> wrote:

Agreed, draft mode should be an option you request, not the default. Set draft.mode parameter to 'no' by default and then if the user decides he wants draft mode, he will ask for it and the draft page masters will be loaded.
I wonder how many people actually use draft mode.

On 9/20/10 3:44 AM, Bob Stayton wrote:

The stylesheet parameter draft.mode's default value has been set to
'maybe' for quite awhile. That kind of worked, because the url for the
draft.watermark.image was a URL. Users requested that it not be a URL,
because it created problems for offline people, and delayed processing
to fetch it over the internet. It required either changing the value or
using a catalog to redirect the URL to a local location.

In version 1.76.0, we changed the draft.watermark.image to a local value
like other docbook images. However, when FOP creates the draft
page-masters, it tries (and generally fails) to load that image, even if
the draft page-masters are not used. I don't think that is correct
behavior, as it should only try to open that image if it is going to be

So I'm asking the mailing list if we should change the default value of
the draft.mode param to 'no', so that the draft page-masters are not
even used. Personally, I think setting it to 'no' by default is a good
thing. If you want to use draft pages, then set the url to the watermark
image and turn on the feature.

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises

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