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Subject: Lists on Kindle

I've been building books for the Kindle using the DocBook ePub
transform, followed by running kindlegen to get mobi.

There is a glitch in the Kindle (and possibly some browsers) that causes
a line break following the number/symbol in an ordered/itemized

The following shows what this looks like:

  The line that should be after "1." has a line break in front of it.

This seems to happen because the DocBook transforms generate the
following html for a list item, and I suspect the <p> forces a break:

<li><p>The line that ....</p></li>

This renders fine in many of the kindle emulators, and in epub in a
variety of contexts, but not on an actual kindle. When I manually remove
the <p></p> wrapper, then re-gen the mobi, the kindle renders this

I'm about to dive in and do a little xsl programming to clean this up,
but it seemed like a common enough problem that someone might have
already fixed this, and would be willing to share the solution.

If not, I'll hack away, and if I get something useful, I'll share it
with the list.

Best Regards,
Dick Hamilton
XML Press
XML for Technical Communicators
(970) 231-3624 

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