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Subject: Use of xincludes vs. entities

Hi All,

As I understand it, the xincludes feature provides a number of advantages over use of entities, but are there some situations where entities are still relevant and recommended?

For example, I'm considering the use of click-paths for guimenu > guisubmenu chains.  In the past, we have used an entity file to house all of the guimenu click-paths for our documentation.  If the guimenu click-path changed, we would just update it in our entities file, and it would be updated throughout the documentation.  It seems that using xinclude + xpointer to perform the same feature would be overkill for in performing the same task. Similarly, in the past we have used entities to handle updates to version numbering, and it seems that xinclude + xpointer would be overkill there, as well.

Much of how I've seen xinclude being used seems to be relevant for including entire chapters or otherwise large chunks of text, and I do see the relevance there.  Is xinclude helpful and manageable for smaller textual insertions, too, or are entities still a reasonable way to go for these types of uses?

Thanks for your help,


P.S.  I do understand that DocBook version 5 schemas do not support entity declarations in the schema, and that I'd have to reference the entities file via the doctype declaration. 

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