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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Use of xincludes vs. entities

My biggest problem with Xinclude is the duplicate ID if a piece of text 
is included twice etc.  Would it be possible to reset an ID of an 
Xincluded test on the Xinclude statement with an attribute, e.g.

<xi:include href="venn.xml" ***newid="qwerty"*** 
   <xi:fallback><para><emphasis> MISSING INCLUDE FILE - venn.xml 

Would this be a major enhancement?  Is it a reasonable suggestion?

On the indexing comment, I use things like:
<!ENTITY  Alf 

in a file of entities.  This does generate a first, crude pass at an 
index.  It also avoids continual re-typing of things like &oacute;


On 9/27/10 7:09 AM, Sam Fischmann wrote:
> I agree with Ron's simple summary: use XInclude for large chunks of
> text and entities for small. The basic problem is that there's no
> elegant way to change bits of the XIncluded text based on the context
> of its inclusion:
> * XML files + multiple catalog sets are awkward and not supported well
> in editors; you basically have to configure the editor each time you
> open a book.
> * Profiling + entities is sometimes inappropriate and forces you to
> group variables by name instead of the context in which they are used,
> which causes maintenance problems.
> Jirka, your proposal is valuable because it would allow me to define
> small text variables for each of several contexts and store them in
> separate definition files. I could then use profiling to conditionally
> include definition files at the top level of a book and not have to
> look at miles of logical cruft every time something is wrong with a
> text variable in my documentation. It does not require multiple
> catalog sets, would be easy for editors to support, and unlike pure
> entity-based inclusion, there's an elegant system for overrides. The
> only unknown here for me is how validation would work. I can see
> myself putting definitionfile tags at the top of every single file via
> a global entity so that XIncluded files validate correctly, but that's
> inelegant again.
> Hope these thoughts are informative or helpful...
> -Sam
> On Sun, Sep 26, 2010 at 12:37 PM, Jirka Kosek<jirka@kosek.cz>  wrote:
>> Sam Fischmann wrote:
>>> Sorry for mailing so much on this topic, but thanks for the link. The
>>> information here is great to see, but I'm curious about the current
>>> status of any work related to this proposal.
>> It is work in progress which can be thrown away in any point or changed
>> dramatically. However user feedback is more then welcome in driving
>> further development of transclusion proposal and in deciding whether and
>> how add DocBook specific transclusion support.
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