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Subject: Table trouble

I just upgraded from 1.75.2 to 1.76.1 of the style sheets and now all
of my tables use uniform column widths instead of auto column widths.
This happens in both PDF and HTML.
I have use.extensions and tablecolumns.extension set to one. If I set
tablecolumns.extension to zero the HTML columns start working
properly, except where I specify a column width.
I'm using XEP as my FO processor and have use.xep extensions set to 1.
Is there a parameter I can set to get back the old (IMHO correct)
behavior? or have I got something set up improperly?

I did a little digging and it looks like this change:

Fix bug #1945872 to allow passthrough of colwidth values to
HTML table when no tablecolumns.extension is available and
when no instance of * appears in the table's colspecs.

makes it so that when tablecolumns.extension=1 a cals table with two
columns gets <cols width="50%" /> added to the html.

We didn't catch it until the PDF tables stopped using auto layout in 1.76.1.

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