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Subject: how to set relative paths for HTML image directory?

Hi, I'm totally stuck on a HTML path problem for images. The relative
image paths are all relative to the source image directory, not to the
output image directory (which is what I want).

I'm using xincludes, a customization layer upon the HTML chunks
stylesheet. I'm using saxon 6.5.5

My projects looks like this:

   index.xml----------source files
   web-images/ ------these are my source images
   chunks/   -------this is where docbook puts my output
      web-images/----this is my copy of web-images folder. I put this
manually here.

My fileref looks like this:    <imagedata role="html"

I want my output html files to use this kind of image reference:
<img src="web-images/tall.jpg" />

Instead I get this:

<img src="../web-images/tall.jpg" />

I've looked through the parameters:

I would have thought setting that parameter to :
<xsl:param name="img.src.path">web-images/</xsl:param>

would have solved the problem. But instead I see that nothing has
changed in the output.

I've read  the Docbook XSL book closely and still haven't figured it
out. I've also tried some parameters: html.base and other shots in the
dark (though I haven't tried entityref -- mainly because I don't
understand it--), but  none seem relevant or have worked.

I'm reluctant to change my path structure because I use the same
project to generate an epub file. The db2epub.py script works
perfectly in how it handles images: it transfers all of them to a new
web-images directory.

I don't have any special docbook parameters in my customization layer
(at least not anything which would affects paths).

Is it possible that there's a bug here? Or am I missing something obvious?

Robert Nagle


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