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Subject: Book title in page footer


I have a book title like this "AA<superscript>2</superscript>BB".
I have my own footer where this book title should appear at center. I have the following xsl-code:

<xsl:when test="($sequence = 'odd' or $sequence = 'even') and $position = 'center'">
        <xsl:value-of select="ancestor-or-self::book/title">

Works also fine but the superscript is removed. I think the reason is the "ancestor-or-self".
Please give me a hint how can I insert the book title in the footer with the footer.

Thanks in advance

Mit freundlichen Gr├╝├čen / Kind regards

Steffen K├Âhler

G├ľPEL electronic GmbH
G├Âschwitzer Stra├če 58/60
07745 Jena / Germany

Tel.: +49-3641-6896-661
Fax: +49-3641-6896-944
E-Mail: s.koehler@goepel.com

Sitz der Gesellschaft: G├ľPEL electronic GmbH, G├Âschwitzer Stra├če 58/60, D-07745 Jena
Gesch├Ąftsf├╝hrer: Holger G├Âpel, Manfred Schneider, Thomas Wenzel
Registergericht: Amtsgericht Jena HR B 201550

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