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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Fop and SVG (Again): Good News for EPS => PDF Users

On Sat, Dec 4, 2010 at 01:58,  <Justus-bulk@piater.name> wrote:
> Tom Browder <tom.browder@gmail.com> wrote on Fri, 3 Dec 2010 17:30:12
>> Apparently something is wrong with Inkscape's import and bounding box
>> interpretation
> I suppose you know about Inkscape's "Fit page to selection" option in
> the "Document Properties" box?  I've been using Inkscape for PDF->SVG
> conversion for a long time, consistently with near-perfect results.

No, Justus, I didn't.  I looked around the Document Properties menu
looking for something like that but I overlooked it.  I'll try it out
now...it works--and the Inkscape version (plain svg) is smaller to


Then the primary difference between the two programs is that Scribus
automatically clips the object to the eps boundig box and Inkscape
doesn't.  When I get a chance I think I will suggest that Inkscape
make it automatic too since the bbox is one of the fundamental
attributes of the eps file.

BTW, one other graphics trick I learned today (but most here probably
know it) from a couple of web sources was how to use gimp to produce a
vector drawing from a bitmap.  It works excellently, especially for
all those simple (and free) line-drawing bitmaps scattered over the
internet.  The only problem is that the vector (at least in the one I
tried) was one path.  I used Inkscape to break up the single path and,
through a little PostScript programming, was able to identify all the
path components and modify the overall graphic as desired.



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