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Subject: titelpage, title spec file, subtitle

Hey everybody!

I tried to get the titlepage customazing for both the html and fo 
output, but i 

Can I overwrite the default titlepage? Or should I create an external 
titlepage.xml and include this titlepage.xml into my entire document?

On top of that I need to customize the subtitle in my document!

My aim: To get a simple titlepage with title, subtitle and a logo below 
them.A titlepage without footer and pagenumber!

Best regards, Lwam
Gruß Lwam Berhane

punkt.de GmbH               TYPO3-Internet-Dienstleistungen-Beratung
Kaiserallee 13a             Tel.: 0721 9109-0  Fax: -100
76133 Karlsruhe             info@punkt.de    http://punkt.de/
AG Mannheim 108285          Gf: Jürgen Egeling

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