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Subject: Document properties in FOP are out of date


In the current version of fo/fop1.xsl the PDF "Document Properties" seem to be set from something called "corpauthor":

<!-- Metadata support ("Document Properties" in Adobe Reader) -->
<xsl:template name="fop1-document-information">
  <xsl:variable name="authors" select="(//author|//editor|//corpauthor|//authorgroup)[1]"/>

(Verified in trunk: <http://docbook.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/docbook/trunk/xsl/fo/fop1.xsl?revision=8944&content-type=text%2Fplain>)

That element doesn't seem to exist in DB 5, but was in 4.4. The replacement for <corpauthor> seems to be something like: <author><orgname>...</orgname></author>, but that doesn't seem to match up with the templates.

Are the templates wrong (out of date) or should I use different markup to get a "corporate" author into my manuals?



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