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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Generating title for "link" element

Hello Dave,

redlettucemail schrieb:
> After a bit more testing, the code doesn't quite work. If there is an 
> 'emphasis' tag inside a 'link', that text is not generated as a title. 
> For instance, I have citations with 'et al' in an emphasis, and the 
> generated title has the text of the citation except for 'et al'. I'll 
> need to find out how to select the content of a link and its children.
> While not an expert on accessibility, I feel it is a W3C 
> recommendation to have an 'alt' attribute for images and 'title' for 
> textual links - but I'd like to hear from others on this.
> Dave Gardiner
It seems the system is preserving you from making an "overdone 
accessibility"-error :)
(plz see my previous post to the thread)
Just imagine: your screen reader reads to you first the (for us) visible 
link text, and then reads it again.
Someone who sees doesn't need the same info over again either, they're 
going to go click that link BECAUSE they already read the visible text :)

The thing with accessibility is that it's always relative. YES, USE the 
possibilities offered by HTML to make texts more accessible. USE 
semantically structured markup, use the available tags and attributes to 
make everyones lives easier. But do so wisely and frugally.

With alt, for example: if you have purely decorative images, it's much 
more useful (and usable/accessible) to leave alt empty (alt="") instead 
of finding some weird description just so that alt has something in it 
-- then a blind user will know: this image is not important for the 
understanding of the content. Truly content-relevant images, however, 
should include more than what is usually offered in terms of explanation....


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