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Subject: Total Pagenumber

Hello everybody!

I have a table with some important stuff like date, author, etc. on the 
very first page of every document!
The one important thing which is missing is the total page number!

Is there a processing instruction or something else to put it in my table?

Has somebody experienced this? I already read sth. about dummyrendering 
to get the total page number but its a very uncomfortable way!

Thanks in advance :)
Gruß Lwam Berhane

punkt.de GmbH               TYPO3-Internet-Dienstleistungen-Beratung
Kaiserallee 13a             Tel.: 0721 9109-0  Fax: -100
76133 Karlsruhe             info@punkt.de    http://punkt.de/
AG Mannheim 108285          Gf: Jürgen Egeling

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