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Subject: sorting issue in Arabic glossary (glossary.sort)


I've recently found the "glossary.sort" parameter and started testing it. It seems to be working well with Latin scripts (I've tested German, Spanish and French), and I've also received confirmation that it works in Russian.

In Arabic however, it seems to have a rather strange behavior. The terms in our glossary (with sorting enabled) are somehow separated in two distinct groups, and only the terms in each group are sorted correctly.

This is how Arabic sorting would look like in Latin scripts: (a abc bca bdb cab cba) (ab acc bcd ccc dca) - this is a random example, don't try to find a rule in the given ordering. We haven't checked if there's a specific rule based on which terms are placed into the first or the second group.

Is there anyone that has encountered a similar problem in Arabic, and may be Chinese scripts (haven't tested yet on Chinese) ? Does anyone know about known issues with the "glossary.sort" parameter ?

Thank you very much!

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