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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Finding a position in a FO file based on FOP's "see position"message

That refers to the line number:character postion. Trying to make sense of the FO output is a nightmare unless you reformat the FO before running it into FOP.
The way I do it is to use XMLLINT to reformat. Here is how I set up the call:

xmllint --nonet --noent --nowarning --version --timing --format -o myfile.xml myfile.fo.xml
Then process the myfile.fo.xml with FOP and get a new line:character set and look that up in myfile.fo.xml
This should get you the info you need.
(of course, this is integrated into my scripts/batch files so all I need to do is "-f" and get the reformatted output.)
Dean Nelson
In a message dated 12/21/10 13:59:28 Pacific Standard Time, peter.desjardins.us@gmail.com writes:

I'm using FOP 1.0 to create PDFs. One of my FO files has a problem
with a table that results in this message:

 [java] org.apache.fop.fo.ValidationException: The column-number or
number of cells
 in the row overflows the number of fo:table-columns specified for
the table. (See position 769:2126)

I want to find the spot in the FO file so I can trace it back to the
DocBook elements that cause the problem. What do the numbers 769:2126
refer to? The FO file is one long line so it's not a line and column

Thanks for your help.


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