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Subject: dbhtml-include paths & turning them all off?

Ok, here's another "why" question.

I occasionally need to add outside HTML fragments to my HTML output.

I notice that the path to the file is relative to the docbook XSL you
are using, not the project directory. So
   <?dbhtml-include href="fragment1.html"?>   would work only if
fragment1.html is directly inside your docbook XSL.

 Which is a pain -- especially if you need to move the project somewhere else.

I guess I can create a folder named fragments one directory above the
XSL directory (so that the file reference is the same regardless of
which XSL you use).

But I was wondering: How can my XML parser (Saxon) know to handle
xincludes and not know how to look for HTML fragments in the same

Also: is there a way to "turn off" all dbhtml-includes in your
customization layer. (I'm assuming that profiling does not work--!?)

for now, I can simply substitute a real fragment1.html file with a
blank fragment1.html to turn them off. But it would be nice not to
have to remember that all the time.


Robert Nagle
12777 Ashford Point Dr #1417
Houston, Texas 77082
713 893 3424

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