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Subject: Re: AW: [docbook-apps] RE: Long lines in HTML source code output.

On 12/22/10 02:49, Dominic Weiss wrote:
> Hi Grant,

Hi Dominic,

> I'm using HTML-Tidy on the docbook output to format the HTML source.
> Using this tool you will get valid and indented HTML.

Thank you for the suggestion.  I'm sure that Tidy would work in most 
situations.  However, I don't think that it will work in my environment.

I am using DocBook (XML) as a ""source for my content.  I'm converting 
it to (partial) HTML (see below) which is then being completed via SSI 
on Apache.  (1)

Here's an example of what my generated HTML source code would look like.

<!--#set var="..." value="..."-->
<!--#include virtual="..."-->
<!--#include virtual="..."-->
<p>DocBook generated HTML source code.</p>
<!--#include virtual="..."-->

As such, I don't think I could pass my generated HTML source code 
through Tidy.  Because even though the SSI tags are valid, there isn't 
any <html> or <body> or etc. tags to make Tidy (or any other validator) 
happy (enough).

There is more to my over all system and reasons behind doing what I have 
done, which I'll share later as others have indicated interest there in.

For now, Robert's suggestion to shorten the lines has worked.  And I 
have no doubt that your suggestion of Tidy would work in different 
situations, just not in my specific use case scenario.

Thank you again.

Grant. . . .

1.  I chose to use DocBook (XML) so that I will be able to write / 
convert my content once and use it many times, independent of the output 
format, be it web page, letter to a customer, notes to my self, etc. 
Further, I can cross reference / include snippets of documents at will.

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