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Subject: re: Subject: epub files fail to generate for some components

Hi, there.

This may not directly pertain to your issue. But generally to my
knowledge you cannot use Oxygen alone  to generate an epub file.

You can create the docbook source in Oxygen and validate the source,
but you cannot use it to produce an ebook -- not easily anyway.

You have a choice between running the ruby executable via command line
(that was part of the docbook xsl stylesheets)  vs. running db2epub.py
via command line.

I use db2epub.py and I find it works great!

It will 1)produce a valid epub file (you will not need to zip it
manually and worry about mimetypes) and 2)copy the output as chunked
xhtml output into a directory named after the inputted and 3)copy the
css and images into the relevant places.

Even if you use a customization layer in Oxygen it will not produce an
epub file or copy the images over. The best it can do is to let you
view and even edit the resulting html files inside the epub file
(which is better than nothing I guess).

One other thing. The parameters you chose were things I messed around
with when I was trying to use Oxygen instead of db2epub.py . You don't
need to mess around with those things! The defaults for db2epub does
it all for you!

I'm guessing that the index and glossary problems are the result of
your trying to use Oxygen to generate the output.

I haven't tried it in epub, but I have created indices and glossaries
in FO. I suspect they would output in an analogous fashion in epub. (I
could be wrong....).

Basically all I did to create an index and glossary was to add two
statements in my main docbook file.

<xi:include href="glossary.xml"/> (actually I used xincludes to link to it).

There may be parameters to control whether the index appears, but I'm
guessing that it will render ok even in xhtml/epub. Can anyone confirm

Finally, I eventually plan to get around to posting a tutorial about
using docbook to generate epub files.  For the moment I've just been
jotting down some notes for it on my epub-docbook braindump.


Still very rough (and I forgot a lot of the introductory steps, and
need to add a lot of stuff), but it might help somebody.

Robert Nagle
12777 Ashford Point Dr #1417
Houston, Texas 77082
713 893 3424

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