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Subject: re: Subject: epub files fail to generate for some components

I've partly succeeded in generating a glossary chunk. I had a close look at the stylesheet epub/docbook.xsl - there is some code under "<xsl:template name="chunk" priority="1">" that states what components are specified as chunks (and therefore processed when transformed). Both glossary and index components are treated as chunks IF they match several criteria. For glossary:
<xsl:when test="local-name($node)='glossary'                     and (local-name($node/parent::*) = 'article'                     or local-name($node/parent::*) = 'book'                     or local-name($node/parent::*) = 'part'                     )">1</xsl:when>
This indicates that a glossary will only be transformed IF its parent is a book, article or part. Sure enough, when I transformed a book with a glossary include, I got a correctly formatted HTML file for the glossary. I could not, however, get the correct HTML files if I transformed a glossary chunk on its own (ie. where glossary was the root node).
Can the stylesheets please be changed so that you can transform glossary and index for individual testing, without the need to first include these in a book component? I can't fathom why you wouldn't want this functionality anyway.
Dave Gardiner

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