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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] DocBook tool chain and the Mac

That tool chain runs fine on my MacBook (MacOS X). I use MacPorts
(http://www.macports.org/) for libraries and some tools, for
example, libxml2 (xmllint) and libxslt (xsltproc).  I update ports
about once a month, and so far (about nine months) all is well.

I build GNU Emacs from source code. Mac installation differs from
other systems. "Make install" creates a self-contained "Emacs.app"
that I install under /Applications/. I made an alias to run it
from a Terminal shell (zsh). My "~/.zshrc" file has this line:

   alias emacs='/Applications/Emacs.app/Contents/MacOS/Emacs'

Now I have the nearly the same tool chain on a MacBook (only this
has oXygen and RenderX), an older iMac, Red Hat Enterprise Linux
(university student labs), and FreeBSD (my primary OS).
OS-independent files are in the same places on all systems under
/usr/local/share/: java-site/, xml-site/, emacs24/site-lisp. That
makes maintenance of multiple systems easy, and I can run the tools
with exactly the same Makefile(s) on all machines. It took a lot of
time to get it all working, but now it's easy to use and update.

Greg Peterson <peterson@notredame.ac.jp>
Kyoto Notre Dame University

At Tue, 4 Jan 2011 23:08:53 -0700, Richard Hamilton wrote:
> I'm seriously considering replacing my ancient laptop PC (dual boot
> Linux and Windows) with a MacBook.
> My tool chain is gnu emacs w/ nxml mode, saxon, oXygen, RenderX, jing,
> trang, xmllint, and make. I currently run all of these tools on Linux.
> Do any of you who use a Mac have any recommendations or warnings about
> setting up these tools or using this tool chain on the Mac?
> Thanks,
> Dick Hamilton
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