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Subject: DocBook Publishers Schema and the DocBook XSLT

Morning all

I'm working on XSLT to create XHTML for EPUB from (something almost identical to) the DocBook Publishers schema. Penguin Books, the client, have given me  permission to modify these to remove Penguin specific components (the poetry and drama mark-up are slightly more complex with a few additional elements) and make them available for the DocBook project if they're wanted. Additionally, another client are looking at DocBook Publishers to FO and are willing to fund that development.

So, I'm wondering, bar Bob Stayton's book, are there any guidelines on conventional approaches to creating this sort of customisation? That is, coding styles and the like?


Nic Gibson
Corbas Consulting
Digital Publishing Consultancy and Training
http://www.corbas.co.uk, +44 (0)7718 906817	

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