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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] images scaling problem for print output

Hello Sebastian,


> I am trying to use the images unscaled to use them in their actual size for print output.


what do you mean by the actual size in the printed output? ;-)


The final size is dependent on the image resolution. PNG images can store this info (in case of screenshots it varies according to the display settings) and this info can be used later by xsl-fo processor. If this info is not available, XEP uses 120 dpi instead for example. If the image resolution is lower, it seems to be bigger in the output. As mentioned, the screenshot resolution can vary if images are taken by different users so the final image size can be different in the output, althought a pixel size is the same. In my case these differences are normalized by imagemagick utility before processing, where all resolution info is replaced by a single value (120 dpi) – keeping the original pixel size.




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