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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] images scaling problem for print output

On Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 3:31 PM, Sebastian Kaiser
<sebastian.kaiser@askozia.com> wrote:

> -> My problem, on the other hand, is that all  images are stretched to page
> width, no matter if they have the size of a stamp or a telephone.
> That does not seem to be a "dots per inch problem" because all images then
> should vary in size by the same factor, right?

Hi Sebastian,
I routinely produce complex pdf for print full of images from DB and I
do not have any scaling issues. Here is what I do (hope this will help

1. all images (raster or vector) for print are pdf sized in mm to the
right dimensions depending on the page size. Obviously during the pdf
generation from raster images (using GIMP or Photoshop) Ihave to chose
the right mm dimensions to guarantee the quality I want based on the
DPI of the sources.

2. in the DB source I use the following markup:
<figure float="none">
     <title>a title</title>
          <imageobject role="print">
                <imagedata fileref="foo.pdf" format="PDF"/>

3. If needed I can use <imagedata fileref="foo.pdf" format="PDF"
scale="xx"/> and the image gets scaled correctly (note that xx is NOT
followed by %).

As you can see, everything is pretty standard and works perfectly. I
have just made a quick test on one of my db file using a PNG instead
of a PDF and the scaling works as expected also in this case.

What FO processor are you using? (I use Antenna House)
What version of DB fo xslt are you using /overriding? (I use a
customization layer overriding 1.75.2 from DB 4.5 sources)



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