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Subject: GSoC 2011 ideas page

Hi there,
Towards the end of last year's Google Summer of Code, I started a wiki page [1] with some possible projects for 2011 in case we decide to participate again and are accepted as a mentoring org. I've recently gotten a couple of questions from students who are thinking ahead and doing some research (Good for them!). So we should start thinking now if we do intend to apply to be a mentoring org and if so, who is willing to mentor. I'm thinking I should remove any ideas on that page for which we will not have anybody willing to mentor to avoid having a student work on a proposal which we wouldn't be able to accept. If students are looking at the page already, then we can expect to have more and better applications this year, but we cannot accept any for which we don't have a committed mentor.  

Also, let me know if there are problems with any of the ideas I posted (aside from needing mentors). For example, for "implementing the transclusion" proposal, 1) it's only a draft proposal, and 2) I know Jirka has a prototype implementation of the proposal, so between those two things I don't know if it's a viable project. Is the remaining work too small for a GSoC project? Likewise with the programmatically create a DTD/XSD from the RelaxNG proposal, is that the appropriate size for a GSoC project? 

Please post your own ideas to that page and indicate if you're willing to mentor for any of the projects. 

If you want to know what mentoring was like, there are several of us here who can share our experiences from last year.


[1] http://wiki.docbook.org/topic/GSoC2011Ideas

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