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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Auto-generating an index


This is probably too late if the text already exists, but I find using 
entities is a useful first approximation to generating an index during 
the writing phase.
For example, when writing use &ana; and expand the entitiy:

<!ENTITY  ana        '<indexterm><primary>Ana Canas de 
Urofol</primary></indexterm>Ana Canas de Urofol'>

If the text  already exists you could of course do a global search and 
replace on your text:
find:  ana
replace: &'<indexterm><primary>Ana Canas de 
Urofol</primary></indexterm>Ana Canas de Urofol';

This will at least generate a primary level index with little effort, 
but it would need quite a lot of trimming.


On 2/4/11 4:56 AM, Tom Browder wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 4, 2011 at 04:11, Thomas Schraitle<tom_schr@web.de>  wrote:
>> Dave, although I agree that an index is best suited to a human, I think
>> it is not that black and white. :)
> ...
>> However, you need to be very consistent with your markup. For example,
>> I had a lot of tags that I would like to see in the index. Not all, but some
>> of them. Same for some functions.
> Thanks, Tom (nice name), but I'm afraid my markup is not too helpful.
> Best,
> -Tom
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Ron Catterall Ph.D. D.Sc.

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