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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Displaying sections in 2 columns for HTML chunk output

Hi Maxime:

I haven't tried this, but....

Are you using the standard Docbook stylesheets?

I've had good success using custom stylesheets that incorporate descendant selectors. Use float: left, and float: right in the rule body to select positioning. Try using sect1 for the left column, and sect2 for the right column. You might also need sect3 to generate clear:both. I've found that adding "border: thin solid red" helps visualize the resulting box model.

I'm sure there's also something that you can do with tables, but I think that it's a bit more complex, and requires more thought.

Should all else fail, consider post processing with a separate stylesheet, or... Perl!

Bueno suerte,

2011/2/7 Maxime Bégnis <maxime@neodoc.biz>

I'm chunking an article document by sections of level 1. I would like to display the child sections(level2) into a table having two columns :

section1.1            section1.2
 content of 1.1        content of 1.2

section1.3            section1.4
 content of 1.3        content of 1.4
section1.5            ...
 content of 1.5


I tried different things that broke the chunking of the sections in the output(no files are generated for the sections).

Does anyone knows a way to do such a thing?
Thanks a lot!

[NeoDoc] NeoDoc
Maxime Bégnis
Tél: - Fax:
5, rue de la Touloubre
13770 Venelles

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