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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] programlisting page breaks

Hi Dick,
It sounds like what would happen if you have a keep-together on a fo:block around the code listing. I'd check for that. 

I also did a quick test with a document that has long code listings: Using XEP and our customization layer which is based on the 1.72.0 xsls, everything is fine. However, using FOP and the 1.76.1 xsls included in the latest version of Oxygen, the long code listings are pretty messed up (even worse than what you describe).


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Sent: Monday, February 14, 2011 10:54 AM
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Subject: [docbook-apps] programlisting page breaks

I ran into a curious behavior with programlistings, and I wonder if anyone knows how to work around it.

I have some programlistings that are longer than one page and will need to break. 

That's fine, but what's strange is that regardless of where the programlisting would naturally start, there is always a page break before the listing starts.

Even if the text that precedes the programlisting extends only a few lines down a page, there will be a page break before the programlisting begins. That can lead to there being 2/3 or more of a page blank for no good reason.

I'll dive into the code at some point, but if anyone has already handled this, I'd appreciate pointers, suggestions, or solutions.

Best Regards,
Dick Hamilton

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