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Subject: Navigation to cover and titlepage in epub

I'm creating an epub with v 1.76 of the stylesheets and have included a cover image and titlepage. Both the cover image and all titlepage elements are specified within d:book/info. What I want in an epub is for the side navigation panel (toc.ncx) and the bottom nav buttons to navigate from cover image > titlepage > preface; so I need a toc link that says "cover" which will link to the cover image.
What I get instead in the toc is the title of the book as the first link, then preface below that. When I view the epub in Firefox, it opens at the cover image; then when I use the nav button at the bottom it goes straight to preface. Oddly, when I then click the back button from preface it goes to the cover image; it is not navigating to the titlepage.
So, using the side toc, the navigation links go from titlepage > preface (with no link to the cover image). Using the nav buttons, the nav goes from cover image > preface (with no link to the titlepage).

How can I:
1. include the cover image (which is cover.html) at the start of the toc
2. make the nav buttons work: cover > title page > preface (and back again in that order)
I note that the titlepage is given the filename index.html - is this what's causing problems with nav? (ie is there confusion between "index.html" and a back-of-book index?
Dave Gardiner

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