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Subject: ANN: Printed version of oXygen V12.1 manual now available

The updated print version of the oXygen User Manual for version 12.1 is now available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and soon should be available through other retailers.

It's also available on Amazon in the UK, Canada, Europe, and Japan.

This is a print edition of the full user manual for people who want the convenience of a printed version of the book.

Be aware that the version 11 book is still available. Make sure you select the one that matches the version of oXygen you're using

Here's the Amazon US link (cool trick: you can get the .fr, .de, .co.jp, .ca, and .co.uk links by swapping out the .com with the appropriate suffix. The rest is consistent across all the Amazon sites):


Best Regards,
Dick Hamilton

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