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Subject: RE: Who is supporting epub on this list?

I certainly don't have Keith's programming skills, but I have been
compiling a lot of docbook-to-epub tips over the last year


Eventually I plan to make an online tutorial about it.

Actually I'm finding the biggest challenge is not producing epub
files, but producing an epub file which can be processed by kindlegen
without causing major problems. I know the Kindle format is not
"standard," but in the US it will remain important for a while.

For example, just a day ago I discovered that when viewed  on the
Kindle 3 device
(but not the KindlePreviewer software), kindle files produced by
kindlegen processing epub files  will insert
lots of blank pages in chapters which use sections. (The reason is
that the kindle device  processes DIV tags very strangely). In a
chapter with just
2 sections, I found that kindlegen had inserted up to 20 blank pages
at the end of the chapter in the Kindle file.

(One solution is to substitute SECTION tag with BRIDGEHEAD and modify
the css for the toc to have bridgeheads indent, and I am working on
the XSLT to accomplish that hopefully).

By the way, I learned something interesting from an Oxygen staff
member. Version 12.2 of Oxygen should support docbook-to-epub output
with ANT. (should be out in a few months).

Robert Nagle
12777 Ashford Point Dr #1417
Houston, Texas 77082
713 893 3424

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