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Subject: Image scaling problem


I'm working with docbook-xsl-1.76.1 to produce PDF documents with
FOP-1.0 on Windows:

D:\docbook\fop-1.0\fop.bat -xsl Userguide_FO.xsl -xml Userguide_IT.xml
-pdf Userguide_IT.pdf

I have two source file (one in English and one Italian).
Obviously all tags are the same (eg, for the images) and differs only
for text:

  <title>Main window</title>

      <imagedata align="center" fileref="Images_IT/IMAGE_007.png"

All images are scaled by 80%. The problem is that in the English version
it works, while in the Italian version the images are not scaled!

My custom xsl is the same for both...the only thing that differ is that
the English images are PNG with 24 colour depth, while the Italian
images are PNG with 32 colour depth.

Could someone give me some suggestions?


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