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Subject: Preventing extra spaces for indexterm elements with Apache FOP

Hi. I'm using Saxon 6.5.5 and Apache FOP 1.0 to produce PDF. Wherever
an indexterm results in a <fo:wrapper> element, Apache FOP includes
the whitespace in the <fo:block> element that surrounds the

As suggested by earlier threads about this I made sure that I am not
overriding the xsl:output element that sets indent="no" for FO. Most
of my FO output is not indented, however, the <fo:wrapper> elements
for indexterms are indented and the whitespace shows up in the PDF.
This is apparent because most of our index entries are at the start of
paragraphs and the spaces make an indent in the PDF paragraph. I tried
processing the same FO file with a trial copy of RenderX XEP and the
spaces do not appear.

The workaround I'm using is to remove newline characters that are
followed by spaces and then the start tag of the <fo:wrapper>. This
seems to leave the spaces around indexterms that occur in the middle
of a line of text. The workaround doesn't seem very safe to me though.

  <replaceregexp file="my-fo-file.xml" match="\n\s+&lt;fo:wrapper"
replace="&lt;fo:wrapper" flags="g" encoding="utf-8" />

Why do the FO stylesheets indent <fo:wrapper> elements when the indent
attribute for the <xsl:output> is set to "no"?

Is there a better workaround for this problem? My searching didn't
turn up a clear answer.

Thanks for your help.

Peter Desjardins

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