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Subject: qanda tags with propagate.style


Regarding qandaentry tags -- Is there a way to preserve audience="instructoronly" information in the HTML?


<qandaentry xml:id="ball-ch01_qs01_qd01_qa02" audience="instructoronly">
        <para xml:id="ball-ch01_qs01_p02">Give an example of matter in each phase: solid, liquid, or gas.</para>
        <para xml:id="ball-ch01_qs01_p03">solid: wood; liquid: water in a pond; gas: air in the atmosphere (answers will vary)</para>


We are using audience='instructoronly' on every other qandaentry so that we can conditionally remove them from output via styling (via styling to maintain label numbering)

We are doing this with in prince for the pdf, and that is working fine.

But for the HTML the xhtml/docbook.xsl transforms does not propaget the 'instructoronly' as a div with class='instructoronly'

I tried

<xsl:template match="qandaentry[@audience='instructoronly']"
  <xsl:value-of select="'instructoronly'"/>

But that doesn't seem to work.  I believe because it is rendered into an html table.

Can anyone suggest away to maintain the audience='instructoronly' in the HTML ?
Thank you very much.
David Link
New York

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