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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] glossary template buglet?

On 19 Mar 2011, at 01:44, Bob Stayton wrote:

> Hi Chris,
> I'm not able to duplicate this problem.  In general, the DocBook stylesheets use the term "component" to refer to a child of book, and "division" for set, book or part. So if your glossary element is a child of book, then "component.title" would be correct.  I'm surprised that "component.title" caused the book title to display, because the call to it selects the glossary element.

Thanks for taking a look at this, Bob.

> Perhaps you could describe the structure of your book and the location of the glossary?

Sure. We're using XXE and Docbook 5.0, and the resulting document looks like:

      <title>Book Title</title>
      <mediaobject>...</mediaobject> (logo for cover)
    <chapter>...</chapter> (10 chapters)
    <appendix>...</appendix> (8 appendixes)
      <glossdiv> (lots of glossdivs)
        <glossentry>...</glossentry> (lots of glossentrys)

> And excuse me if you have already tried this, but does the book validate?  And do you get this result with the stock DocBook XSL stylesheets or a customization layer?  If a customization, have you tried the stock stylesheets?

Yes, the book validates.

I am using a customization layer. I could very well have messed something up there, as I do have customized chapter/appendix titling and possibly took a shortcut there which missed glossary. I shall look at that template closely (I should have thought of that first - apologies), but trying with the stock stylesheets is another good idea.


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