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Subject: page citation for PDF output


I have a problem with page citation in docbook 5 (I'm working with 
Oxygen and Saxon 6.5.5).

After an xref linkend I have the page number in brackets, e.g. "see also 
Section 1.1 (p. 15)". In PDF output, there's weird and strange rendering 
after the page number, the ")" moves over the page number or even gets 
located in front of it. somthing like this: "see also Section 1.1 (p. 
1)5". Furthermore the text in this line is not justified.
So this is only a problem in the middle of a para, not at its end. When 
I set the text align of the document to left or right, it also works 

I could find the same problem in some 2006 docbook-apps-messages, but 
there was no solution offered. is there any?

Thank you for your help in advance,

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