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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] page citation for PDF output

Am 30.03.2011 17:47, schrieb Markus Hoenicka:
20110330174716.10132j60fm2poxic@webmail.df.eu" type="cite">"Michael.Kinder" <mk@giscad.de> was heard to say:

After an xref linkend I have the page number in brackets, e.g. "see also Section 1.1 (p. 15)". In PDF output, there's weird and strange rendering after the page number, the ")" moves over the page number or even gets located in front of it. somthing like this: "see also Section 1.1 (p. 1)5". Furthermore the text in this line is not justified.

Do you use fop for rendering your fo output? This is a documented bug in the 1.0 release. The bug has been fixed in recent snapshots, so it's most likely just a matter of upgrading your fop installation.


I use oxygen 12.1 and apache fop 1.0, this came with oxygen 12.1. the apache-website rates it as the latest version - summer 2010. I could find a bug number 44794 on this website which was solved with version 1.0: "Added support for page-number-citation and page-number-citation-last of fo:inline. Corrected behavior for page-number-citation-last of fo:block: forward references now properly resolved. Committed by AD. See Issue 44794." But thats exactly what still happens with my PDF-output...

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