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Subject: AW: [docbook-apps] Webhelp and Modular Docs

Hi Gregorio,


To get XInclude to work for your documentation, you have to enable XInlcude in your xslt parser. This allows you to combine the linked files at “pre-processing-time” before your DocBook document is rendered.  The XInclude chapter in Bob’s book describes how to do this from the command line for both Xalan and Saxon.


If you are using the build software Ant, then you can refer to the Ant Manual in the XSLT target on how to do this. This got a lot easier in Ant 1.8.1.








Von: gpevaco@aol.com [mailto:gpevaco@aol.com]
Gesendet: Freitag, 1. April 2011 18:27
An: docbook-apps@lists.oasis-open.org
Betreff: [docbook-apps] Webhelp and Modular Docs


Hello everyone:

While attempting to use Webhelp to generate some HTML from Docbook files, I came upon a modular document, that contains XInclude references to other documents. Webhelp failed there.
Which leads me to ask, Is there any way that the Webhelp can process modular documents that use the xi:include?

If I actually combine the documents into a single XML file, then it works just fine.
However this defeats the purpose of having modular documents.
So the question is can Webhelp be used for modular documents?


Thank you in advance.



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