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Subject: RE: Linking from one plugin to another in an infocenter

I have also noticed this, but it's not a DocBook issue, and not an Eclipse plugin-to-plugin linking issue. It is that any named anchors are stripped from InfoCenter URLs that include them, when entered in the browser address bar. I would swear that URLs that included anchors used to work for InfoCenters based on earlier versions of Eclipse. However, in our current Eclipse 3.6-based InfoCenters, we can no longer link to the page anchor level from the browser address bar.

To be clear, the following uses of page anchors do work fine in our InfoCenters:

 -- hyperlinks with named anchors within a page to sections of the same page
 -- hyperlinks with named anchors on one page to another page+section in the same InfoCenter

What's failing is this:

 -- hyperlinks with named anchors copied to the browser address bar
The anchor gets stripped, and only the top of the referenced page is opened. This is true in Firefox 4, IE 9, and Chrome 10 on Windows 7, and in Firefox 3.6.16 on Ubuntu 10.10.

This failure means our users cannot bookmark to the page section level, and our support people cannot email reliable URLs to page sections.

Your note inspired me to file this as a bug with Eclipse:

There is a somewhat related bug in;

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Subject: [docbook] Linking from one plugin to another in an infocenter

Has anyone else come across the problem of being unable to link to an anchor in another plugin in Infocenter because the anchor always gets stripped off?
A link (xlink) to PLUGINS_ROOT/plugin-id/filename.html#anchorname is always interpreted as PLUGINS_ROOT/plugin-id/filename.html.

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