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Subject: customizing section titles


I'd like to customize the section title formatting for HTML and PDF. I 
think I have found a good solution for HTML, where I customize the 
'section.heading' template to generate the desired content. However, 
trying to do the same with the FO stylesheets doesn't work:

I use a "titleabbrev" element for formal section names, and would like 
the title line to look like this:

1.2.3 The section title            [section.name]

(with the [...] content coming from the titleabbrev). However, while the 
HTML stylesheet passes the $section variable down to the 
'section.heading' template, the FO stylesheet does not, so I can't 
access the 'titleabbrev' content there (or any other context info, for 
that matter.)

Any ideas how I could approach this ? Or is there an entirely different 
approach ? (I figure there must be other authors who have written formal 
specifications in DocBook where such section headings are common.)



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