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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Docbook IEEE transformation?

On Tue, 10 May 2011 09:10:38 -0700
David Priest <docs@davidpriest.ca> wrote:

> Aha! They call them "manuscripts" not reports or papers or
> publications. Suddenly searching is much easier.
> IEEE Publications and Standards:
> http://www.ieee.org/publications_standards/index.html
> Somewhere in there I'm bound to find the spec.
> Re: not a commercial target — they claim 1300 standards, 140
> journals, 850 conferences, and a bajillion members. If they're not
> using Docbook, perhaps there's an opportunity for someone to get them
> off the MS Word habit.

And from this thread they have a number of 'required' formats
to go with their material?

If the format you're wanting is for a standard ( I was using
WordPerfect 5.1 last time I wrote for them!) that still doesn't
make it a commercial target IMHO. PDF yes, but going more
specific than that... I don't think so.
   Were they ever to catch up.... Then a schema derived from
docbook/DITA etc might make sense, but I just can't see
that happening, can you?



Dave Pawson

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