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Subject: stop-chunking and subsequent anchors/titles

Sorry if you've seen this already; I've had some issues with the mail

I'm not sure what I'm missing. I have the following docbook5 xml and
it looks like the stop-chunking instruction is messing up the
rendering of title/anchors in the subsections that follow it.

I have chunk-section-depth=3, but some subsections I want to chunk
together. Hence the processing instruction.
Here's the docbook5 snippet:

<section xml:id="1">
  <?dbhtml stop-chunking?>
  <info><title>my first section</title></info>
  <section xml:id="2">
    <info><title>my first SUBsection</title></info>
    <para>This section describes ...</para>

And here is the corresponding html:

<h1 class="title">my first section</h1> <div class="section" title="my
first section">
  <div class="toc">
        <span class="section">
          <a href="file.htm#anchorid">my first SUBsection</a>
  <div class="section" title="my first SUBsection">
    <p>This section describes ... </p>

The toc looks correct, but there's no actual anchor or title for it to link to.
Can you tell from this what I'm doing wrong?

--Tim Arnold

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