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Subject: Multiline equations with DocBook 5.0 (and more)

Hi there.

I have almost completed converting a document to DocBook 5.0 from
DocBook 4.5, but I have stumbled across a couple of problems with
equations. My equations are written using MathML (actually LaTeX which
is converted by a script to MathML) within equation and inlineequation
blocks. Here are the issues:

1. I have some large equations which must be split across multiple
lines, but for which I would like one equation number. With DocBook
4.5 I achieved this by using one informalequation block per line
within the equation block. (I was also able to use an attribute on the
informalequation blocks to control the alignment of each line of the
equation.) However, with DocBook 5.0 informalequation is no longer
allowed as a child element of equation. (I don't know why.) Is there
another way to achieve multiline equations with DocBook 5.0?

2. With DocBook 4.5 I included punctuation (typically a comma or full
stop after an equation) after the MathML definition of the equation,
but within the equation block (to prevent the punctuation falling onto
the line below.) My validator for DocBook 5.0 tells me that the comma
is not allowed to go there (complains about CDATA or invalid
character) - but it's not really part of the equation defined by the
MathML either - so what is the correct way to include this?

Final question: Does anyone know where I can get an up to date Windows
binary of xmllint. The one available here
[http://www.zlatkovic.com/libxml.en.html] will not correctly validate
my RelaxNG schema - but it is not the latest version and so I am
hoping a more recent one might fix that problem.

Thank you.

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