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Subject: Design for moving English strings out of the webhelp JavaScript file nwSearchFnt.js


I'm customizing the web help output. My team decided that when the
search returns no results, it would be better to not report the search
query entered because the query is still displayed in the entry box.
We also plan to use the empty pane to provide some explanation of the
search functionality.

I opened nwSearchFnt.js and removed the variable reference that
included the search query text:

} else {

        results = "<p>" + "Your search returned no results." + "</p>";


Before adding my explanation, I thought it would be best to prepare
for localization. The English string "Your search returned no results"
is embedded in the JavaScript here. Is there a design for moving it to
a resource file? I'm not sure how that would work but I know I'll need
to support different languages soon.



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