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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] OrderedList and 'continuation' attribute

Well, I'm not sure what might be intended by an author in the situation you describe. What do you think should happen?
The main problem that I saw was that continuation from a list at a different level was producing incorrect numbering, in that the count was taken from one list level and the format from another. 
Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises
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Sent: Friday, June 10, 2011 4:46 AM
Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] OrderedList and 'continuation' attribute


Thanks very much for your help. That seems to fix the problem - I've raised a bug on sourceforge as requested (https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3314663&group_id=21935&atid=373747).

I've noticed though with your fix that if 'continuation=continues' is used on a nested ordered list, and there is not another ordered list at the same level as the current one, but there is a nested list at the same level in a previous ordered list, then the numbering from that is picked up. This, to my mind, is not really desired behaviour - what do you think? (I hope that makes sense, if not I'll send through an example!)


On 9 June 2011 16:55, Bob Stayton <bobs@sagehill.net> wrote:
Hi Howard,
I think that is a bug, since the results are simply wrong.  The numbering should continue from the same list nesting level, in my opinion.  Could you please file a bug report on the DocBook SourceForge site for this?
To fix it, take a look at the template named 'output-orderedlist-starting-number' in common/common.xsl.  In there you will see in the "otherwise" case that:
<xsl:variable name="prevlist" select="$list/preceding::orderedlist[1]"/>
This selects the previous list regardless of level, which in your instance is the nested list.  I think this selection should be of the preceding list with the same number of orderedlist ancestors, something like this [untested]:
<xsl:variable name="prevlist" select="$list/preceding::orderedlist[count($list/ancestor::orderedlist) = count(ancestor::orderedlist)][1]"/>
If DocBook 5, don't forget to add the namespace prefix.
Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises
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Sent: Thursday, June 09, 2011 1:50 AM
Subject: [docbook-apps] OrderedList and 'continuation' attribute


I'm having a problem with the 'continuation' attribute on <orderedlist> elements. When I set it to 'continues' and the list follows a nested list, the numbering is started from the nested list rather than the outer list. For example, if I have:

  <listitem><para>First Item</para></listitem>
  <listitem><para>Second Item</para></listitem>
  <listitem><para>Third Item</para>
                   <listitem><para>Nested First Item</para></listitem>
                   <listitem><para>Nested Second Item</para></listitem>
                   <listitem><para>Nested Third Item</para>
                   <listitem><para>Nested Fourth Item</para>
                   <listitem><para>Nested Fifth Item</para>
<orderedlist continuation='continues'>
  <listitem><para>Fourth Item</para></listitem>
  <listitem><para>Fifth Item</para></listitem>

When transformed using the docbook XSL via FO to PDF the output looks like:

1. First Item
2. Second Item
3. Third Item
    a. Nested First Item
    b. Nested Second Item
    c. Nested Third Item
    d. Nested Fourth Item
    e. Nested Fifth Item
6. Fourth Item
7. Fifth Item

Maybe this is intended behaviour - but I want to have 6 & 7 actually numbered 4 & 5 so that they continue the numbering from the list at the same level. Does anyone know if/how I can add something to my customisation layer to change the behaviour here?


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