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Subject: Odd column resizing issue



I'm more of a danger than a developer, but that doesn't stop me from experimenting. I have been working on retrofitting the webhelpindexer to work with an older set of stylesheets (the HTML XSLT from v1.36). I've been eliminating little XHTML errors here and there, but this last one has me stumped.


I moved table.xsl  to my customization layer folder and added the XHTML namespace declaration to eliminate the delimiter problems I was encountering. However, an odd thing happened with the calculations for my col widths.


The input is


<colspec colname="col1" colwidth="1*"/>

<colspec colname="col2" colwidth="2*"/>

<colspec colname="col3" colwidth="2*"/>


What is supposed to happen is that the code calculates percentages based on the proportional value, so cols 2 and 3 are both twice the width of col 1. (I have no idea if this code comes from legacy DocBook or if some other developer from my employer wrote it. Smarter people than I wrote it.) When I'm producing plain old HTML, the result is


<col xmlns="" width="20%"><col xmlns="" width="40%"><col xmlns="" width="40%">


However, when I add the XHTML namespace, I get this result:


<col width="1*"></col><col width="2*"></col><col width="2*"></col>


Any clues as to why the calculation would fail with only the addition of the namespace declaration?


Thanks in advance.


Bill Burns

Verbum Communications, Inc.





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