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Subject: Getting a nice look to xi:included xml


I'm including XML files into my docbook file using the following technique.

               <title>XML Sample: samples - address - address.xml</title>
               <programlisting><?db-font-size 7pt?><xi:include xmlns:xi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XInclude"
                              href=""../../samples/address/address.xml"                              parse="text">
                     <xi:fallback>SAMPLE MISSING: ../../samples/address/address.xml</xi:fallback>

I wonder about getting a better look to the included XML such as what is found at http://pastie.org/2284517

Clearly I could write an XSLT after converting the docbook into HTML that formats and adds some style in css to the xml.

I was wondering though if there is any better way to have a nice look to imported xml?

Alex Muir
Instructor | Program Organizer - University Technology Student Work Experience Building
University of the Gambia


Low budget software development benefiting development in the Gambia, West Africa
Experience of a lifetime, come to Gambia and Join UTSWEB - http://sites.utg.edu.gm/utsweb/

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