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Subject: Using olinks in bibliography collection with processor's parameterswith relative paths

Good morning,

I'm experiencing a strange issue using 'bibliography.collection'
together with 'target.database.document' and relative paths with this

- DocBook 5.0
- DocBook XSL ns 1.76.1
- xsltproc (libxml 20632, libxslt 10124, libexslt 813)

I've created a bibliography collection document
(bibliography-collection.xml) that I populated with items that I would
like to use in the different 'Reference' sections of a collection of
three different guides. These guides in turn link to several sections
of each other.

A usual target database document (olinkdb.xml) is successfully used to
resolve olinks not only from a guide to another, but also between
different chapters of the same guide, since every chapter is also a
stand-alone XML document.

The bibliography-collection.xml document also contains two olinks
pointing to the titles of two guides of the mentioned guides
collection, since these titles vary from a release to the next one,
and so the titles referenced in the bibliography (the 'Reference'
sections of each guide) need to be dynamically updated.

This technique works perfectly ONLY when the
bibliography-collection.xml document is in IN THE SAME folder as the
XML documents representing the chapters of each guide.

The problems arise when I move the bibliography-collection.xml
document a folder above, in order to share it with all the guides,
avoiding to duplicate (triplicate) it in every folder containing the
chapters of each guide:

   xsltproc \
   --xinclude \
   --output funambol-carrier-edition-installation-and-operation-guide.html \
   --stringparam ignore.image.scaling 1 \
   --stringparam use.extensions 0 \
   --stringparam target.database.document
../../tools/database-files/nightly/olinkdb.xml \    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
   --stringparam current.docid cared-installation-and-operation-guide \
   --stringparam olink.doctitle yes \
   --stringparam html.stylesheet styles.css \
   --stringparam bibliography.collection
../../xml/bibliography-collection.xml \    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
   --stringparam bibliography.numbered 1 \
   ../../tools/html.xsl \

   warning: failed to load external entity
"../../../tools/database-files/nightly/olinkdb.xml" <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
   Olink error: could not open target database
'../../tools/database-files/nightly/olinkdb.xml'. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
   Error: unresolved olink: targetdoc/targetptr = 'funambol-developers-guide/'.

Notice that when the bibliography-collection.xml document is
processed, the olinkdb.xml target database document is looked for in a
different directory than indicated, actually one more above (../../../
instead of ../../).

The only WORKAROUND I was able to find is to indicate the absolute
path to olinkdb.xml, i.e.

   --stringparam target.database.document

instead of

   --stringparam target.database.document

Is there a simple way to avoid at all indicating absolute paths?

Thank you in advance for every suggestion,

   Giuseppe Monticelli

Giuseppe Monticelli :: Funambol, Inc. :: http://docs.funambol.com

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