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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] beta EPUB3 stylesheet available


I'm testing the stylesheets and have run into a couple of things of note:

1) In trying to run the stylesheets on a DB5 instance, make sure you use the regular, and not the ns version of the stylesheets. That said, once I used the regular version, I was able to get the stylesheets to run on a DB5 instance, though there is at least one problem, noted in item 2 below.

2) I'm getting repeated errors from the epub 3 epubcheck saying the following:

     ERROR: file.epub/OEBPS/filename.xhtml(1,xxx): Undefined property: section

When I look at the files, I see two issues:
  - Immediately after the <body> tag in the xhtml in nearly all of the files, there is a <section> tag, which is invalid in xhtml. I also see <section> tags in other places in some of the xhtml files.

  - epubcheck doesn't seem to be unhappy about the invalid tags. Its complaint is about instances of elements with the attribute value pair: epub:type="section". These occur primarily (maybe exclusively, I didn't check every instance) on the <section> tags, though there are some instances of <section> tags with epub:type set to something else; in those cases, epubcheck doesn't complain.

Originally, I thought this was an artifact of my using DB5, but I tried it out on a book using DB4 and ended up with the same issue.

FYI, I ran the tests on Linux Ubuntu, using 1.76.1 and the b2 version of the stylesheets, and the latest epubcheck 3.0 from their website.

Best Regards,
XML Press
XML for Technical Communicators

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