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Subject: Adjusting orderedlist item number spacing

I have a report from a user who is using FOP 1.0 of a problem with <orderedlist> items (i.e., items labeled with numbers): The spacing between the item number label and the item text does not adjust, so that when the numbering reaches 10 (two digits), the number label begins to overlap the text.

I tried it myself and the effect gets even worse when numbering reaches three and four digits (more overlap). So apparently the amount of space given for labels does not adjust to the width of the label. Is there a way to deal with this?

I also noticed something else: When the list is long enough to extend across multiple pages, the indent of list items changes: More on one page, less on the next page, more on the next page, etc. (alternating).

If this description isn't clear, I can provide the PDF. I didn't want to attach it.


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