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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] epub3 beta 3


Thank you for providing clear testing results, Dick.

(Speaking only for myself...)

I feel *very* strongly that the DocBook-XSL EPUB 3 output that Bob is
working on (with support from O'Reilly Media) should not be limited by
either kindlegen or calibre. I do not feel that criticisms based on
kindlegen or calibre are constructive at this time. Both of these
tools will need to be updated to accept EPUB 3 documents, if their
authors have that as a goal. The EPUB 3 target is
deliberately-bleeding edge, so I'd encourage of a focus on the actual
EPUB 3 output rather than current-tool compatibility.

If there are completely transparent improvements that allow the EPUB 3
stylesheets to interoperate better with today's calibre and kindlegen,
those contributions should certainly be welcome.

> I ran  epubcheck 3.0b2, which reported only one error, which I think is an epubcheck bug and not a problem with your file. Here's what happened:

Yes, Markus (an epubcheck 3 developer) accepted a similar bug reported
by Bob: http://code.google.com/p/epubcheck/issues/detail?id=127


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